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Since joining YouTube in 2013, TheDooo has spent a lot of time showing off his guitar skills. Although he's also a gamer, his musical talent really sets him apart from others who have found fame thanks to YouTube. We have your answer if you've ever wondered what guitars TheDooo uses.

TheDooo uses an Ibanez Steve Vai Signature PIA3761 guitar. He also uses several Squier and Sterling guitar models. He also sometimes uses a Sean Guitarworks guitar.

In this article I will provide some background information about TheDoo and discuss in detail the guitars he uses. Let us begin!

TheDooo: some basic information

Before we get to the guitars he uses, let's talk about TheDooo.Since 2013, he has garnered over 6 million followers on YouTube by posting gaming and music content.. TheDooo has a series where he plays guitar for people on Omegle and posts his reactions. These videos have garnered millions of views as he amazes strangers with his guitar skills.

List of guitars that TheDooo plays

Now that you know more about his online presence, let's talk about the guitars TheDooo plays. Like any famous guitarist, TheDooo has used different guitars throughout his career. Below is a comprehensive list, starting with the latest models:

Signature Ibanez Steve Vai PIA3761

Signature Ibanez Steve Vai PIA3761

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The Ibanez Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar is a solid body guitar with an easy to play slim neck.. Not only does this guitar look stylish, it also has a unique floral inlay on the fretboard. It also has a beautiful tone and is versatile enough to comfortably experiment with your own playing style.

For TheDooo fans, this guitar choice comes as no surprise. He has covered many Steve Vai songs throughout his streaming career. Vai's career speaks for itself when he sold15 million recordsand remains one of the most talented musicians to ever pick up a guitar. So it's no wonder he uses one of the finest guitars money can buy.

The Steve Vai Signature PIA3761 Guitar features stunning gold hardware. It also has a petal-shaped fingering, which sets it apart from other guitars and makes it more balanced. Besides, it has onelampside dot inlay that allows players to see the frets better without requiring too much light.

This guitar features a maple and walnut neck, alder body and rosewood fretboard. In short, it looks and feels great, but its main purpose is to make the game easier.

You can see TheDooo play this guitar in several of his more recent videos, including his fun surprise Omegle playlist. You can tell by its playing that this guitar is comfortable and easy to play. Its black body and gold hardware set it apart from other guitars.

However, the price of this beautiful guitar might make you hesitate if you are considering buying it. To learn more about how expensive and cheap guitars differ, read our article “Cheap vs Expensive Guitars: What's the Difference?“Here we discuss some of the qualities in a guitar that you may be missing when choosing a budget model over a more expensive one.

If you would like to see TheDooo play the Ibanez Steve Vai Signature PIA3761, check out the YouTube video below. In this video he covers 4 songs on this guitar and doesn't miss a single note. If you are unfamiliar with the work of TheDooo, this is the perfect video to watch:

Squier Affinity Series Telecaster

Squier von Fender Affinity Telecaster

The Squier Affinity Telecaster delivers the iconic sound of a Fender Tele at a fraction of the price.

Read our fullSquier Affinity Telecaster im Test

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(Video) First Time Reacting to TheDooo!! INSANE GUITAR SKILLS!!

Monitoring:TheDooo uses a custom version of this guitar that is a combination of two of these guitars.

In recent videos, you can see TheDooo playing a dual version of the Squier Affinity series Telecasters.This guitar is thin, light and easy to play.It also features a string through the body bridge that allows for a smoother resonance.

The comfortable C-shaped neck is ideal for beginners or even more experienced players looking for a more comfortable fit. The neck design adds to the guitar's vintage feel and look, and the maple neck provides a comfortable yet sturdy playing experience that allows you to learn and improve.

The Telecaster guitar has 21 medium-sized frets with inlaid black dots that contrast dramatically with the lightweight maple neck. This gives you plenty of space to work and learn to play smoothly. This guitar can help you become a better guitar player as it has many useful features for beginners and advanced players alike.

TheDooo plays this guitar quite often in his latest videos because he likes to surprise his guests with his custom dual guitar design. He easily shows his true talent on this guitar while playing two at once in the YouTube video below. This is clearly a fan favorite as the Telecaster guitar videos each get millions of views:

Sean Guitarworks Moderno

Sean Guitarworks Moderno

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since 2014,Sean Guitarworksresearches and develops innovative guitar designs for everyone who loves to play. Its modern design is characterized by asleek matte black design with unique shape and fret markers. This guitar is all black except for the back of the neck, which features an elegant mahogany finish.

Infused with Korean technology, this guitar features a stainless steel fret built to last. It features a strong neck with carbon fiber on both sides for maximum reinforcement. It also has glowing side dots that allow you to see the frets in low light, similar to the Steve Vai guitar above.

(Video) Polyphia's Tim Henson Answers Guitar Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

You can see TheDooo playing his Sean guitar in the YouTube video below. Here he surprises people on Omegle with his guitar talent. This video demonstrates TheDooo's capabilities while demonstrating that something as simple as a language barrier won't stop him from entertaining people:

Squier Hello Kitty Stratocaster

Squier Hello Kitty Stratocaster

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This guitar choice might be the most surprising of all the others on this list, but TheDooo plays the Squier Hello Kitty Stratocaster guitar with such confidence. Made in Indonesia,This pink solid body guitar offers more than just a cool design.The Hello Kitty Stratocaster Guitar features a maple neck and a glossy finish that makes it stand out.

This guitar was made only from2006 and 2009, and those with him are a lucky few. Contrasted with the bright pink color and giant Hello Kitty image, the simple design has 21 frets identified by unique pink dots.

You can see TheDooo playing this attention-grabbing guitar in the YouTube video below. In the video, he poses as a beginner just to surprise people with his shredding ability. This is his guitar of choice when fooling people into thinking he's a beginner, as this guitar doesn't look like it was made for an expert. TheDooo quickly refutes this theory as he starts playing:

Sterling von Music Man Hared Dines Artist Series StingRay

Sterling von Music Man Jared Dines StingRay

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The Dines StingRay guitar features a gorgeous gloss black body with gold hardware and a stunning maple neck. Its black dot inlay stands out against the guitar's glossy maple fretboard. This guitar features many custom controls such as killswitch, tone and volume controls to let you play exactly how you want.

(Video) TheDooo is BACK! | Double guitar on Omegle! | TheDooo is a legend! (REACTION)

With 24 frets and a tremolo bridge, this guitar offers a combination of vintage and modern design. It also has dual pickups that can handle the heaviest of tones. So if you want to play the tones Jared Dines is known for, this guitar can easily help.

TheDooo has used this guitar in 2020 with amazing covers like the one below. Here he plays Malmsteen and Dream Theater. You know the guitar is good when covers sound more like the originals:

Sterling von Music Man Majesty MAJ100

Sterling von Music Man Majesty

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Monitoring:This is the latest version of the guitar. TheDooo uses an older model that has been discontinued.

This guitar has undeniablyone of the coolest and most innovative designs of all the guitars on this list. The icy red color that TheDooo chooses for its Majesty guitar helps to show off the guitar's unique design. It features dual pickups and dynamic range so you can play your favorite tones in any range that suits your style.

This sterling guitar also features a rosewood fingerboard and modern tremolo that will allow you to play smoothly and comfortably, whatever your skill level. The guitar's neck and body are made of mahogany. The neck features 3 sections and 24 frets, giving you maximum range to play your own style.

A collaboration between John Petrucci and Ernie Ball, the Majesty guitar offers plenty of tonal versatility and an attractive design. The neck is easy to play with a unique recessed design that will draw a lot of attention.

TheDooo used this guitar a lot in 2019. In the YouTube video below he demonstrates how easy it is to play and how unique and impressive the guitar design is:

Squier Bullet Stratocaster

Squier Bullet Stratocaster

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(Video) REACTING to TheDooo - Playing Guitar on Omegle but I pretend I'm a beginner

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This bright red guitar was designed by Fender andglows in the light with a glowing shade of red that draws everyone's attention in the room. The 21-fret fingerboard makes it easy to play at any skill level without overwhelming the player, and its lightweight body and stiff bridge add vintage flair to an already impressive design.

The poplar wood body allows the guitar to remain durable and sturdy without adding a ton of extra weight. The hardtail bridge lets you work this guitar as hard as you want without fear of damaging it.

The neck finish has a satin finish, giving you a better grip without too much slipping or slipping. It also features a 5-position switch that allows players to quickly change settings and keep playing without missing a beat.

The bright, captivating color and easy-to-play design make the Bullet Stratocaster the perfect guitar for any level of experience. It's a great guitar for beginners who want to improve their playing while playing a quality guitar. It offers many benefits for beginners, but also allows more experienced guitarists to perfect their individual sound and style.

You can see TheDooo playing this guitar in the YouTube video below. If you watch the video you will see him demonstrate his unique ability to perform a variety of songs in his own style. The Bullet Stratocaster allows TheDooo to experiment more with sound, as seen on these exclusive covers.

frequently asked questions

Now that you know some of the guitars TheDooo uses most often in his videos, let's clear some doubts about him and the guitars he uses in his videos:

What was TheDooo's first guitar?

The first guitar TheDooo bought was thisSquier Stratocaster. This guitar allowed him to learn most of his techniques. As you can see from the list above, he remains a Stratocaster fan having played two in some of his most popular videos.

Since his first Stratocaster, TheDooo has played the Bullet Stratocaster Hardtail and the Hello Kitty Stratocaster. As guitarists know, there's nothing quite like playing the guitar you're using for the first time, and TheDooo often does that in his videos.

How did TheDooo learn to play the guitar?

TheDooo only started playing the guitar when he was 13 years old. Before that he learned to play the violin. At some point he got bored with the violin and switched to playing the guitar. His father had experience playing the guitar; Luckily he had some available at home.

His father taught him the basics of guitar playing and TheDooo taught himself the more challenging aspects of guitar playing. This is not surprising since many guitarists are self-taught.

Given his skills, it might be hard to believe that he hasn't received professional training. He kind of taught himself how to play before joining YouTube in 2013 and showing the world what he could do.

What kind of music TheDooo cover?

One of the most interesting aspects of TheDooo's musical presence on YouTube is that he can cover almost any song. He has an amazing ear for music and uses it to his advantage, playing songs on the guitar after only hearing it once.

This is part of what makes your Omegle surprise videos great. He often takes requests from strangers who don't know how talented he is. In many of the videos listed above, TheDooo takes a request from a stranger and only listens to the song once before playing it again on the guitar. This requires a not inconsiderable musical talent and understanding.

Some of their YouTube covers feature songs by artists like Bruno Mars, Olivia Rodrigo, and other big pop stars. Of course, he also dives into the rock world with Judas Priest and even Green Day. It even covers some incredible results, including those from Squid Games.

If that selection tells you anything, TheDooo can cover almost any song you desire. He also has a unique ability to predict the musical instruments of those strangers who cannot choose a specific song for him to play. There aren't many artists or genres that TheDooo on YouTube hasn't covered over the long term.

What makes TheDooo such a great guitarist?

There are a few things that set TheDooo apart from other guitarists and put him in the conversation with many guitar legends. He has incredible technique. You would never tell from the way he played that he didn't have professional guitar training.

You can hear this in every song he plays as they come back to you with crisp clarity.

Of course, technique is something you can learn over time through continued practice. One thing TheDooo cannot be taught is improvisation. His ability to improvise throughout a song, keeping the notes clean and his intention clear is something that really sets him apart from other guitarists who have mastered the technique.

Another thing that makes TheDooo such a great guitar player is his ear for music. As you can see in his Omegle videos, he has an exceptional talent when it comes to listening to a song just once and playing it back as if he composed it himself. This makes him an even better musician because he can translate notes quickly and play them straight away.

Overall, his legendary YouTube career speaks for itself and he has millions of subscribers who come to hear him play. These videos typically have millions of viewers and their covers are easy to identify without even having to listen to the lyrics. His technique makes the corresponding notes appear clearly, helping viewers to easily identify the music he is playing.


TheDooo has garnered quite a following on YouTube while playing games and playing guitar on a regular basis. His videos showcase a talent many can only dream of as he effortlessly shreds some of the world's finest music.

If you want to play more like TheDooo, check out these awesome guitars he's used throughout his career. Remember, the guitar you choose matters and your talent will only be enhanced with these amazing guitars.

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