Loretta Lynn was placed on 'Beloved Ranch,' which she loved for decades and spent her last hours (2023)

Loretta Lynn┃A hearse drives past Loretta Lynn's ranch ┃Source: youtube.com/WKRNNews2 ┃Getty Images

  • Loretta Lynn was buried in her hometown of Tennessee.

  • This article describes what the ranch, named after her namesake, looks like and where she was buried.


Country music pioneer Loretta Lynn died in the decades-old home she and her husband, Oliver Lynn, acquired along with a large land acquisition.

Singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn's family announced that she passed away on October 4, 2022 at the age of 90. Lynn breathed her last at her home in Tennessee.

Loretta Lynn was placed on 'Beloved Ranch,' which she loved for decades and spent her last hours (1)

Singer Loretta Lynn poses with her Cracker Barrels Country Legend Award at Loretta Lynn Ranch on September 13, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee ┃ Credit: Getty Images


"Our beloved mother, Loretta Lynn, passed away peacefully in her sleep this morning at her beloved ranch in the Hurricane Hills," the Hollywood star's family said.revealedin one sentence.

The familyaskedfor "privacy" during his mourning period and stated that he would share more details about the funeral service at a later date.


Loretta's daughter Patsy,writtenon Instagram, along with a photo with her mother, who was devastated at saying goodbye to her and being "beautiful."

"Today we say goodbye for now. It was both heartbreaking and beautiful. I'm so thankful for all the moments with her."sayingPatsy, adding that she sincerely believes her mother is at peace:

"I feel very blessed to know with the Lord and I am very happy to be there."


Loretta's other daughter Peggy toowrotean emotional tribute to his late mother on Facebook, where he spoke about his later years. Peggy shared that her mother viewed peace "like a sleeping angel," adding that it was "beautiful even in death."

The singer said she doesn't want to let go of her late father and was devastated by his death. Peggy revealed that she had cared for her mother for the past five years and was honored to do so for the family.

The day before her death, Loretta told her son that her late husband was coming to take her home. Peggy said her mother knew she was going to die. He praised her for being a good mother and inspiring many people, adding that he misses playing and singing for his fans.



Fans paid tribute to the star by visiting the grounds he owns. They took photos and added flowers to a memorial right in front of the house.

Members of the Humphreys County Loretta Community shared what kind of person she was. According to CBS 42, her neighbor Lisa BoxcalledNews 2 that the mother of six was a lovely person:

"She was a sweet person. When I was younger we could see her at Walmart and everyone was so excited to see her and her husband was down to earth so they were really nice people."

Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis, who served as security for the star during her appearances, said Loretta made every effort to help those in need, especially during natural disasters.

“When bad things happen in our district, our people come out; she was one of them. She jumped in. Her heart was revealed and the heart of this family was revealed. They were willing to help each other," he said.revealed.

Mourners who gathered outside Lynn's home said they were devastated to hear the news of her death. According to The Tennessean, Nita Sloan and her mother Linda Whipple were visiting the Grammy winner's residence while on vacation when they learned she had died.



to sneakrevealedthat her "mother was a big fan of Loretta Lynn". The Arizona native remembered Loretta as an extraordinary "activist," adding that she was beyond grateful for her efforts to shape the future of women. Sloan said that Lynn lived a fulfilling life and did what she thought was right.

Meanwhile, her mother told Whipple that she went to all of Loretta's "concerts" and expressed her sadness at the news of her death. they alsorevealedwho named his daughter after the country legend:

"I'm so sad. I've been here twice. I even gave (Sloan) her middle name, Lynn, after Loretta. I was so excited to bring her here.”



Another die-hard fan, Aime Broussard, reportedly quit her job immediately after learning of the acclaimed artist's death. He played his music throughout his trip to the ranch.

The Nashville nativeexplainedthat the death of her favorite artist affected her greatly, adding that Loretta was a part of her childhood growing up:

"I've never been so upset with a celebrity. She's a big part of my childhood and I've listened to her music over the years."


Broussard shared this when sheunderstoodhow emotionally drained she was by the death of the "Fist City" singer, she decided to take the rest of the day off to "pay my respects" and "bring him flowers."

Loretta was buried in a on October 8, 2022private funeralService to family and friends at his ranch in Hurricane Mills. According to News 2, 100 guests bid farewell to the queen of country music.

A native of Kentucky, she was buried in her family's cemetery on her property. He reportedly left a blueprint for his funeral ceremonies, including a large memorial with his fans as guests.


Family spokeswoman Ebie McFarlandrevealedMore details would soon be added in a statement that planning for a "public memorial" was underway.

Loretta's burial site is significant because not only is it her beloved home, but it is also where she made memories and spent her final hours at the estate.

Sprawling estate of Loretta County

According to the Tennessee River Valley website, Loretta and her husband Oliver Lynn (who died in August 1996) "stumbled upon" the propertylooking forfor a home in 1966. The couple bought more than just the wooded lot when trying to settle in the country.


Anthony Gross, the General Manager of Loretta Lynn's Ranch, and his grandson,revealedThe 19th-century plantation wasn't pretty to look at when her grandmother first saw it, but she fell in love with it anyway:

"It was a bit ramshackle, but Loretta fell in love with it. When they found out who owned the house, they found out that that person also owned the town of Hurricane Mills.”

Loretta Lynn was placed on 'Beloved Ranch,' which she loved for decades and spent her last hours (2)

Loretta Lynn and Oliver Lynn's large plantation home in Nashville, Tennessee ┃Source: YouTube@WKRNNews2


Feoexplainedthat the couple had to keep the house and the acres that went with it, so they made a townwide offer: "The only way the Lynns could buy the house was to buy everything, so they bought everything." the village ."

Loretta and Oliver lived in a two-story house with round posts and framed windows that offered beautiful views from the apartment's upper balcony. His kitchen (where his old Crisco commercials were filmed) is made up of vintage and traditional touches, including country-style inspirations.

There are beamed ceilings, oak cabinets and wallpaper on one side of the open concept dining area. The L-shaped kitchen features a red hexagonal backsplash and large vacuum cleaner, complete with Spanish-style curtains.


Loretta Lynn was placed on 'Beloved Ranch,' which she loved for decades and spent her last hours (3)

Oliver Lynn and Loretta Lynn's kitchen in the 19th-century style mansion ┃Source: YouTube@WKRNNews2

The lounge area features a large wooden armoire displaying all of your Avon Lady collections. Meanwhile, the living room has a fireplace with more cabinets showcasing Loretta's collections. The area painted yellow consists of brown sofas, blue curtains and a small coffee table.


Decorated in a darker style, the Loretta's dining area features wooden finishes, including the dining table, glass-windowed cabinet, wooden floors, and brown wallpaper. A huge chandelier hangs above the dining table.

The bathroom has the same old school decor theme element with blue tiles on the walls in the green double vanity sinks that match the bathtub and toilet.

Loretta Lynn was placed on 'Beloved Ranch,' which she loved for decades and spent her last hours (4)

Loretta Lynn and Oliver Lynn's blue and green bathroom at their ranch ┃Source: YouTube@WKRNNews2


Gold accented walls have antique sconces and Spanish style white curtains in the tub/shower.

The master bedroom has green wallpaper with portraits including a framed photo of Loretta and a mirror. Directly below the portrait of the "Coal Miner's Daughter" hitmaker is a cream fireplace that matches the two armchairs near the floral curtained windows.

The main bed has another curtain over the headboard and a brown chaise longue on the mauve carpet.

Loretta Lynn was placed on 'Beloved Ranch,' which she loved for decades and spent her last hours (5)

Dormitory manager of Oliver Lynn and Loretta Lynn at Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee ┃Source: YouTube@WKRNNews2


Loretta and Oliver's Hurricane Mills has become one of Tennessee's most popular tourist attractions. There is a campsite, an event center and a tourist attraction.

Loretta Lynn's ranch covers more than 3,000 acres in Humphreys County. roughdescribedthe location as a "combined three-part venture to create a massive enterprise unique to rural Tennessee".


Loretta Lynn Ranch also has an 18,000-square-foot museum showcasing her career and personal history, including family photos and the awards she has won throughout her six-decade music career.

It has the clothes the music icon once wore in the film, items used in the film and other memorabilia that are also on display for tourists who can also walk through their tour bus. According to reports, people can also tour a simulated coal mine.

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According to Tennessee Crossroads, Hurricane Mills' working post office is still at the famous ranch. Gross revealed that once people found out where Loretta lived, they wanted to tour her home and take pictures.

You were lucky enough to meet her while she was gardening and these experiences gave her insights. He decided to open his doors to his fans by giving people accommodation outside of a small campsite with limited cabins.

Gross announced that the site has grown since then, and now the ranch includes a 40-foot mural dedicated to Loretta, depicting the beginning of her successful career to the present day.



The ranch also features equestrian trails and a replica of the home where the Hall of Famer grew up, Butcher Hollow, Kentucky. The booth was once used as a film set and the walls are made up of magazines and catalogs used to seal the wall and ceiling.

According to Tennessee Crossroads, Loretta's property is historic and features several 19th-century landmarks. The mills are on the historical register where they sell coffins and baby food, among other things. Notably, it was one of the first hydroelectric power plants in Tennessee.

LorettaShe had since moved out of the big plantation house and downgraded to a smaller house that still stood on the property. Visitors can tour the couple's mansion, where they lived from the late 1960s to 1988.



Hurricane Mills has a population of 100 and is located in the Rural Historic District. roughsayingOne of its main priorities is to provide people with ranch adventure experiences and provide them with various activities to enjoy in nature such as: B. Hiking, motorcycling, horseback riding and others:

“People can hike the trails or fish in the creek. We have horseback riding, jeep events, motorcycle events and many other activities.”


Though Loretta had aged, she still didmaderare appearances out on the ranch and "she was still wild and headstrong as always," revealed her grandson.

Gross said it was a pleasure helping with the upkeep of Loretta Lynn's ranch. HeAggregatethat he wants to "preserve" his beloved grandmother's legacy that she built for them as a family, including her beloved "fans and guests" who would go there with their own families for getaways.


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