12 homemade mousetraps that work great for catching mice and rats (2023)

Building a homemade mousetrap will help you rid your home of mice. Let's be honest; No one loves it when mice run all over the house. These little villains can be annoying. Although harmless in appearance, these rats can cause significant damage to your property. They feed on your food, urinate on your belongings, chew through our furniture, leave their feces everywhere and also carry various deadly diseases.

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Making a homemade mousetrap is the best solution if you are tired of those furry creatures running around your house. Below are 12 homemade rat traps that are great for catching rats and mice.


1. Easy Homemade No Kill Rat Traps

Rats can be annoying; they are fast and cunning. However, you can follow this plan to not kill.DIY Mausefalleso that you can capture and remove them from your home. The trap is very easy to make. You need a tube; like your toilet paper.

First you need to flatten the page so it doesn't scroll easily. Then position the tube halfway down a table so that it protrudes over the counter or other elevated surface.

Place a trash can or whatever deep bucket you like directly under the protruding pipe and place a raisin (small peanut butter) in front of the pipe on the table and another on the protruding part of the pipe.

So when the mouse eats the first one on the table and tries to get to the other part of the tube, it falls into the bucket.

Keep in mind that if you fall into the bucket, the mice will try to jump out, so make sure you use a big enough bucket.

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2. Repeat DIY mousetrap

Standard mousetraps are a one-shot, once they've spawned you'll need to reset them to get them working again. Also, you can only catch one mouse at a time. However, you can create this simple loopDIY Mausefallethis works well for scaring some rats the first time. You only have to worry about it when it comes time to remove trapped mice.

You don't have to spend anything to build this trap; It can be built entirely from items you already have around the house.

You will need a deep plastic bucket that can hold up to five gallons of water, a piece of paper orstyrofoam plate, a metal hanger and some sticks. You can quickly have a plastic bucket in your house. You can use them for paints or detergents. Using any of them is like recycling to keep the environment clean.

After picking up the items, drill two holes on each side of the bucket and aim for the center. Next, cut the flat side of the metal hanger (the untwisted side).

Turn the board over and position it so that it rests lightly on the edge of the bucket, then poke small holes in the board to allow the wire to go straight through the holes on either side of the bucket. Then feed the wire to the end, making sure the board rests lightly on the edge of the bucket. Then fill the bucket halfway with water and place a stick or two on the side of the bucket so the mice can easily reach the bucket. You can also spread peanut butter around the edge of the plate to attract mice.

The idea is that if a mouse climbs into the bucket to put the peanut on the plate, the plate will tip over and the mouse will fall into the water. With this trap you can catch countless mice.

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3. Homemade mousetrap

If you are interested in building abucket mousetrapwith usual supplies in your home, then this is the best mousetrap for you. The trap works perfectly and is easy to build.

To build this homemade mousetrap, you will need a 5-gallon bucket or wire or rod hanger and a can or can. You will also need a drill to make holes, a piece of wood and some peanut butter.

First you need to drill holes on opposite sides of the bucket; it should be near the top and center of the bucket. The hole must be the same diameter as the rod or wire.

Then drill holes in the bottom and top of the can. Don't use the can opening, drill a separate hole wide enough for the can to turn and roll on the metal rod.

Now pass the rod through one of the holes in the bucket and through both holes in the can and the other hole in the bucket so that the can is trapped between the bucket.

Now spread the peanut butter pieces all over the can, place the wood scraps and place them as a ramp leading to the top of the bucket.

The idea here is that when the mice see the peanut butter, they will try to access it by climbing over the top of the bucket and into the can. The can rolls over and the mouse lands in a bucket of water.

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4. Homemade wooden mouse traps

This plan involves building a functional and useful environmenthomemade wood cell mousetrap. You need a hanger wire; Soup can with lid and two rubber bands. The blueprint includes instructions on how to build this DIY mousetrap. The design is like a wooden cell. It is shaped like a rectangular cylinder, both sides covered by small metal rods. According to the instructions, the plant can also be built with tin instead of wood.

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5. Cheap homemade mousetraps

manufacturinghomemade mousetrapit's easy and mostly it doesn't cost a dime as you can get everything you need from your home. This plan involves building one of those cheap but very functional rat traps. You will need at least three rubber bands and oneAltoids Zinnto start. The trap is designed so that the mouse will be caught if it goes in to get what's inside.

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6. Easy homemade soda bottle mousetrap

If you have a soda bottle at home, you can use it to make theseMake your own bottle trap. You can easily find a soda bottle if you don't have one at home. Along with the bottle, you'll also need a metal hanger, a clothespin, and a 2x4 piece of wood. You will also need screws, nails and some tools such as a drill, hammer, screwdriver, cutter, pliers. Once you get the materials, you can follow the blueprint to build the trap.

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7. Homemade mousetrap for the garden

Rats can be annoying; They chew on almost anything they come in contact with, including your garden plants and fruits. To avoid this you can build thishomemade 5 gallon mousetrap. All you need is a 5 gallon bucket, a can, a metal rod, a long piece of wood and nails. You can then follow the instructions to build the DIY mousetrap.

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8. Make a mousetrap out of a plastic bottle yourself

to build thisDIY Mausefalle, you need a long plastic cylinder with only one side open. If you have a medium-sized water bottle, you can cut the top off for this purpose. You will also need two small pieces of wood and a larger board, as well as glue, a magnet, and other smaller materials. The plan includes a video showing the steps to build the trap and how to use it to catch a mouse.

9. Stop DIY Mousefall

This idea involves building ahomemade mousetrapswho can properly catch mice with a bowl. You'll also need other materials, such as a thick wooden board, wooden chopsticks, and masking tape. It also requires something like bait to attract the mouse. The trap is designed so that if aMouse tries to eat the bait, is covered and stuck in the bowl. You can quickly build this trap by following the video guide.

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10. Homemade rat trap made from a cardboard box

this is another excellentmousetrap do it yourselfIdea where you build a trap with a cardboard box and some other materials that you can easily find around the house. You will need a wooden folding ruler, string, a rubber band, and a small piece of metal wire. The blueprint includes a video that you can follow to build this trap.

11. DIY Rat Trap Using PVC and Plastic Bottle

this is about thembest mousetrap, and it's easy to build. It can catch multiple mice at once. You will need a water bottle, PVC approximately the same size as the water bottle, and masking tape. After building the trap, place the bait at the entrance and into the trap.

The trap is designed so that mice that eat the bait end up falling into the water bottle at the edge of the trap. The plan includes a video showing the construction of the trap.

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12. Human homemade mousetrap

This is a pettyhuman homemade mousetrapDesigned to help you catch mice and rats and free your home. The design is a box made from scrap melamine and secured with nails. It has a spring-loaded port connected to an infrared beam that energizes a solenoid. The trap's electronics run on a 12-volt DC supply designed to interrupt the infrared beam when the mouse enters the box to eat the bait, releasing the door spring and locking it.

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So if you want to get rid of mice, any of the homemade mouse traps listed above are great options. Just follow the blueprint and build according to the instructions.

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